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We have found a really annoying and recurring problem on some of our Windows 2008 R2 servers.     The Hyper-V virtual machines will not start after a reboot. You cannot create or mount virtual drives in Disk Management.     The problem seems to randomly appear after a reboot. The problem also appears to be related to either Adaptec SCSI cards or Backup Exec.     Uninstalling and re-installing the Hyper-V role does...

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How to get the file associations to work with 7-zip in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2.       I have been asked a lot of questions about how to get the file associations to work with 7-zip in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2.   The problem is you can go into the 7-zip File Manager options, select all the file extensions, press ok and it never saves the...

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One annoying problem with Remote Assistance it the mapping of the ESC key. Pressing the ESC key ends your control of the remote computer requiring you to request control again. I use Microsoft Windows Remote Assistance once in a while to remotely support some users. It generally works pretty well if you do not have to go through a firewall. One annoying problem with Remote Assistance...

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T-Carrier rates Trunk Carrier Level Line Data Speed Digital Signal Level DS0 Lines - 64Kbps DS0 1 T1 1.544Mbps DS1 24 T-1C (Bonded T1) 3.152Mbps DS1C 48 T2 6.312Mbps DS2 96 T3 44.736Mbps DS3 672 T4 274.176Mbps DS4 4032   Opitcal Carrier Rates (SONET) Optical Carrier Level Line Data Rate Synchronous Transport Signal OC-1 51.84Mbps STS 1 OC-3 155.52Mbps STS 3 OC-9 466.56Mbps STS 9 OC-12 622.08Mbps STS 12 OC-18 933.12Mbps STS 18 OC-24 1244.16Mbps STS 24 OC-36 1866.24Kbps STS 36 OC-48 2488.32Mbps STS 48 OC-96 4976.64Mbps STS 96 OC-192 9953.28Mbps STS 192 OC-256 13271.04Mbps STS 256 OC-384 19906.56Mbps STS 384 OC-768 39813.12Mbps STS 768 OC-1536 79626.24Mbps STS 1536 OC-3072 159252.48Mbps STS 3072   Opitcal Carrier Rates Concatenated (SONET) Optical Carrier Level Line Data Rate Number of OC1s Concatenated OC-3c 155.52Mbps 3 OC-12c 622.08Mbps 12 OC-48c 2488.32Mbps 48 OC-192c 9953.28Mbps 192 OC-768c 39813.12Mbps 768 OC-1536c 79626.24Mbps 1536 OC-3072c 159252.48Mbps 3072 ...

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